Waltham Forest 2 Clacton 1

Division Three South EastWaltham Forest 2 Clacton 1Clacton paid the price for giving the home side a head start in this well contested fixture with Waltham Forest holding on to take all the points.

Division Three South East

Waltham Forest 2 Clacton 1

Clacton paid the price for giving the home side a head start in this well contested fixture with Waltham Forest holding on to take all the points.

The Seasiders got off to a slow start allowing a 60 yard pass into their defence that led to the home team getting a gift of a goal for 1-0 inside a minute. Late on in the half the home side again pounced on a Clacton error to double their lead going into the break 2-0.

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Clacton created plenty of chances themselves with returning Steven Key firing two reverse stick shots inches over the bar; Rob Lukey's point blank deflection finding the static keeper; and Danny Clow hitting the post and the rebound unable to find the Clacton players running in.

At the back Trevor Sumption, Colin Hook, Peter Wright, and Nick Key kept the home sides chances down to a hand full whilst in midfield Jamie Roberts, Carl Parkes and man-of-the-match Daniel Hunn kept providing the forward motion to create a hat full of chances for the Seasiders. Hunn continually snuffed out the opponents attacks and went surging into the heart of the defence to win numerous short corners.

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The second half saw Clacton performing more like themselves having had time to get the early start out off their system. Mid way through the second half the Seasiders got a short corner that found the back of the net after Hunn stopped for Parkes who dribbled round the runners before Lukey's slap shot found the keeper, but Roberts was on hand to force the ball over the line to boost Clacton's momentum.

With the score now 2-1 and Clacton passing the ball better, stronger, and receiving it with more confidence, it was time for the home team to soak up the pressure and keep disciplined. Unfortunately they just about did enough to keep the Seasiders from forcing the equaliser and late on with Clacton pushing forwards Nick and Mike Key were faced with a counter attack of three on two, where they held the opponents up long enough for the midfield to get back in there to tidy up after Mike Key's full stretch save.

Next week Clacton face local rivals Braintree at Clacton Leisure Centre (14:00) with the same eleven players available for the first time this season.

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