Lambert: Me and Marcus have ‘running battles’, but he’s a ‘very good’ club owner

Town manager Paul Lambert.
Picture: Steve Waller

Town manager Paul Lambert. Picture: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Town boss Paul Lambert admits he and owner Marcus Evans have ‘running battles’ and ‘don’t agree all the time’.

However, speaking at last night's PLC AGM, Lambert did also say Evans is a 'very good' club owner.

The inevitable question about Evans backing Lambert with cash in January was raised with the Town boss saying: "The last conversation I had with Marcus was him saying to never really protect him. And I agree with him, I won't protect him in a lot of stuff, I did it once and it never did me any favours.

"There two sides to look at him, I think. If he wasn't as good as what he was then your club could be the same as Bury, it could be in real trouble. He keeps everything afloat. We work within the parameters of what he says.

"Do I agree with him all the time?

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"No, I don't. I don't agree with him all the time. I'll probably want things that he doesn't want and vice versa, it's give or take with him.

"But as an owner he's very good because he looks after the club where you look at the way some football clubs are run now, it's a precarious business that the owners are in.

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"Unless there are so many investors, five or six of them, then that's not a problem, but you've got one investor here.

"I heard the debt earlier, £90-odd million. Jesus! That's incredible, absolutely incredible. You look at that side of it, there are good bits to him.

"But definitely, the other side of it, we have a running battle. And probably the best man wins and (the other one) succumbs to it.

"We can't go and buy loads of players, it's impossible, that isn't going to happen, spending millions isn't going to happen, that's me being realistic.

"We have to try and battle against a lot of things to try and get ones in that we think can help us, whether that's experience, young guys who have played 100 games, that's experience.

"So, if we can't go out and do it, no doubt me and Marcus will probably have a little nibble at each other!"

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