What is your greatest play-off memory? Ipswich Town fans have been sharing their proudest moments

Will Ipswich be going to Wembley?

Will Ipswich be going to Wembley? - Credit: sarah lucy brown

Will it be mind over matter as Ipswich Town take on Norwich City in the first leg of the play-off semi final this weekend?

Last week, as Ipswich fought to secure their play-off place, we asked readers to share their most poignant promotion campaign memories.

Mark Thomas said: “I was at the first ever play-off game Ipswich played in, which was versus Charlton in 1987.

“We were the much better side, but they somehow managed to hold out for a 0-0 and then beat us 2-1 in the second leg in London.

“Very disappointed at the time and it put me off the idea of play-offs for a while. However, I like the format now and am quietly confident that we’ll go up this year!!

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Meanwhile, Mark Ricketts said: “I was 15 when we won the play-off final in 2000, I hadn’t been much that season and had kind of fallen out of love with ITFC if I’m honest.

“I watched the game at home with my family. I’ll never forget the knots and butterflies in my stomach that day. From that day I’ve never looked back on Town.“

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One of our web readers also remembers Town’s eventual promotion back in 2000.

She said: “I have fantastic memories from George Burley’s team in 2000, a fabulous first year in the top league but a bit unfortunate the following year.

“Great memories just the same pity the board didn’t take a better decision and not sack Burley because we have suffered ever since.”

And Tamar Knight added: “I remember this really good bit in 2000 when one of the guys playing for our team was like .. boom! .. and it hit the back of the net.

“Never seen anything like it since. Rev it up Tractor boys because you’re going to be promoted to a V8 intercooled combined goal harvester next season.”

Another ITFC fan added: !I was 7 years old the last time Ipswich went to Wembley, that game and the Bolton home game are some of my most vivid, oldest memories of football.

“I remember taking a blow up referee with a red card in his hand calling him Barry Knight (the referee for the second home leg vs Bolton) - only for him to deflate on the way up the ramp on Wembley Way!

“This all after going on to the pitch on my dad’s shoulders from the churchman’s - it was the first time I’d actually been on the pitch and I couldn’t believe I was there.

“The old guard stepped up and that Tony ‘Mogga’ Mowbray thunderous header was something else! We stayed in Wembley stadium for about an hour after the game singing and dancing to whatever was on... I would love to do it all over again, not because of the premiership, not because of the money, but to simply see my team win again at Wembley!”

Email us with your finest play off memories.

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