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Town fans' reaction to last night's meetingDerek Wells, Sudbury.'I'm very impressed with David Sheepshanks as a chairman and it was nice to see the response he was given.

Town fans' reaction to last night's meeting

Derek Wells, Sudbury.

'I'm very impressed with David Sheepshanks as a chairman and it was nice to see the response he was given. There were people near us who have not been impressed with the way the club has been run though I, as a season ticket holder, was impressed with what I heard – although we didn't hear anything new.

'At least the chairman had the guts to come out in front of the supporters as he did tonight and be able to put the case over to us.'

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Dot Carden, Maidenhall.

'Mr Sheepshanks hedged around the questions at times. There was too much emphasis on what they are doing about the money rather than about player sales.

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'Do we really need to sell these players, can't we get the money from elsewhere? If we had sold Matt Holland and Hermann Hreidarsson in the summer we would not be in a position to challenge for the play-offs today. I was not really impressed.'

Michael Kemp, Ipswich.

'He is Blue and White, mate, same as we are. Some of the accountancy stuff was a bit baffling but largely I understood what was going on. Any Ipswich Town fan knows the reason we are in the trouble we are in and that is what happened two years ago and the transfer market today.

'If Charlton had done what we did they would be in the same trouble as us. Not everyone was behind him but a good 80% were and really everyone was here for the same reason – we love Ipswich Town.'

Sylvan Palmer, Ipswich.

'He was a bit restrained in some of his answers which I suppose he had to be. He never gave a true figure of how much we are in debt, which we would have liked to know. We read in one paper it is £60m, by Wednesday it is £62m and on Sunday it goes up to £70m. It worries the likes of us how we got into this mess.

'At the end I don't think he explained it all that well but overall I still feel positive and I'm sure we will come out leaner and meaner. It was an interesting meeting.'

Tony Woods, Clacton.

'It was only right that he got that standing ovation at the end. I know some people still can't quite grasp what has gone on but they need to look at football in general and not just at what the board did.

'David Sheepshanks is as true an Ipswich supporter as we will find and I very much doubt we could find a better chairman. I'm glad I came though most of the information tonight is pretty much as I have read in your paper anyway, but it was brave of him to stand up and say what he did and I hope people look forward with more optimism from now on.'

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