Witches run riot at Scunthorpe with teen star Drew Kemp netting 12 points!

Witches team manager Ritchie Hawkins speaks with Cameron Heeps Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenw

Witches team manager Ritchie Hawkins speaks with Cameron Heeps Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Scunthorpe Scorpions 30 Ipswich Witches 59

Teenage star Drew Kemp won his first races in an Ipswich Witches racejacket as the Suffolk side made sure their play-off hopes are still alive with a stunning 59-30 victory at Scunthorpe tonight.

The Suffolk side picked up all four points, running riot, to leave them still in the play-off hunt. And it was 16-year-old Kemp who stole the show.

He won his first race for the Witches in heat two and by heat eight he had ridden four times and was still unbeaten. He ended the night with 12 points.

But this was a Witches show of the highest class. Still missing Rory Schlein and Danny King and with guest Ty Proctor pulling out of the meeting with injury on the day, the Witches still rose to the occasion. They were helped by the home team’s loss of No.1 Steve Worrall after one ride. But the Witches had begun to assert themselves by that point.

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Scott Nicholls was one of the Witches guests on a night, along with Broc Nichol, where finding Witches star performers was like looking for trees in a wood.

It left team boss Ritchie Hawkins purring: “Scunthorpe had it a bit rough tonight but we were very good,” he said.

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“The boys did everything we asked, gave everything. I think they wanted to prove a point after Thursday night and they did that.

“Drew Kemp, well what can I say? He’s ridden Scunthorpe a few times, but he was so quick tonight, so in control. He’s just 16, incredible. Just a word of caution that we can’t expect that of him every week.

“Danny King has been working with him on his starts. But what a talent.”

And the Witches are still in the play-off hunt.

“We are,” said Hawkins.

“It’s a cliche but we have to just keep winning our meetings. We may have to rely on others, but we are back in the running.”

There was huge joy for the Ipswich fans as early as heat two as Kemp gated to victory.

Nico Covatti fell at the start of heat three. He was excluded as Scunthorpe took the lead. However, the Witches struck straight back, Kemp and Covatti gating to a maximum.

Kemp’s contribution had been dynamic and it inspired the Witches as Nicholls and Cameron Heeps put another maximum on the board for the Witches, Heeps passing both Scorpions. The Witches led by six.

Scunthorpe No.1 Worrall fell when at the back in the next and was excluded.

In the re-run Stefan Nielsen fell for the home side when third. The Witches were awarded a 5-0. They had taken the meeting the scruff of the neck and Nicol and Covatti made it four maximums on the bounce in race seven.

It was turning into a riot as Kemp and Heeps both passed Manzares to claim another 5-1 in heat eight. The Witches led 33-14 as Nicholls won heat nine after Garcia fell on turn one. Covatti and Jason Garrity had a real battle in heat 10 with the Ipswich man coming out on top.

The victory was sealed for the visitors as early as heat 11 as Heeps and Nicholls gated to another 5-1 as the Witches fans in the crowd rejoiced. The same pairing added two more in heats 13 and 15.


Scunthorpe: S Worrall 3, S Nielsen 0, J Garrity 14+1, M Campton 4+2, R/R, D Phillips 0, G Manzares 9.

Ipswich: S Nicholls 16+1, C Heeps 12+5, N Covatti 8+2, B Nicol 7, R/R, C Garia 4, D Kemp 12+2

Heat details

1 Worrall, Nicholls, Heeps, Nielsen 57.7 3-3

2 Kemp, Manzares, Garcia, Phillips 59.7 5-7

3 Garrity, Campton, Nicol, Covatti (f/x) 59.9 10-8

4 Kemp, Covatti, Manzares, Nielsen 59.6 11-13

5 Nicholls, Heeps, Garrity, Campton 57.6 12-18

6 Garcia, Kemp, Nielsen (F), Worrall (Fx) no time 12-23

7 Nicol, Covatti, Campton, Phillips 60.5 13-28

8 Kemp, Heeps, Manzares, Nielsen (R) 60.1 14-33

9 Nicholls, Garrity, Campton, Garcia (F) 58.8 17-36

10 Covatti, Garrity, Nicol, Nielsen 60.1 19-40

11 Heeps, Nicholls, Manzares, Phillips 60.0 20-45

12 Manzares, Garrity, Covatti, Garcia 60.3 25-46

13 Nicholls, Heeps, Garrity, Campton 59.3 26-51

14 Garrity*, Nicol, Kemp, Manzares (R) 59.8 29-54

15 Nicholls, Heeps, Manzares, Nielsen 59.8 30-59

*tac ride

Scunthorpe 0 pts. Ipswich 4 pts.

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