Witches go down to aggregate defeat in KO Cup final, but damage was done in first leg

Morten Risager leading Josh Auty

Morten Risager leading Josh Auty - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Edinburgh Monarchs52 Ipswich Witches38 Edinburgh Monarchs win 105-75 on agg

Edinburgh Monarchs were crowned knock-out cup champions in predictable circumstances in Scotland on Friday night.

But Ipswich Witches at least showed some battling qualities in this second leg clash, despite riding a lost cause after being beaten so decisively at Foxhall on Thursday.

Even with Morten Risager having to be withdrawn from the meeting with illness after two pointless rides, Ipswich stuck to their guns, led by the imperious Cameron Heeps, who led from the front with three excellent victories in his 12-point haul.

If only the Witches had ridden with such determination in the first leg, it could have been an interesting meeting.

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However, just as at Foxhall on Thursday night, the Witches got off to the poorest of starts, despite Heeps’ great gate. But he was passed by both Monarchs.

Ellis, who has enjoyed a fine end to the season passed Aaron Fox in the next and Max Fricke and Heeps enjoyed a great battle in heat three, the two young Aussies going at it throughout, with Fricke winning.

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Again Ellis flew from the start in heat four. He made a mess of bend two, but his team-mate Richie Worrall was through as the Witches picked up a second heat win and heat advantage.

Ironically the Witches had made a far better start to the meeting than they did at Foxhall. And it got better in the next as Heeps and Rohan Tungate gated to a 5-1 maximum to put the Witches ahead on the night.

However, Edinburgh hit straight back with two quick-fire maximums and shot into a six-point lead.

Heeps was having a great meeting and after being passed by Sedgmen in heat eight, he blasted past the Monarchs man on the final bend, with Ellis picking up another vital third place.

Worrall won the next and the Witches had already more races in Scotland than they had on their own track 48 hours ago.

Risager was withdrawn having been taken ill and the Witches went eight behind despite another blinding gate from Ellis.

Heeps won heat 11 easily and Hawkins split the Monarchs duo in a race with only three riders, with Risager out.

Fox took out Hawkins in heat 14 and although Edinburgh finished with another maximum, the Witches, who used rider replacement for the injured Manzares, drove back down the A1 left wondering what might have been had they performed better at home.


1 Cook, Sedgmen, Heeps, Tungate 55.6 5-1

2 Ellis, Fox, Hawkins, Jacobs 57.7 7-5

3 Fricke, Heeps, Sedgmen, Risager 56.1 11-7

4 Worrall, Masters, Ellis, Jacobs 56.6 13-11

5 Heeps, Tungate, Fricke, Fox 56.3 14-16

6 Cook, Sedgmen, Worrall, Hawkins 56.3 19-17

7 Masters, Fox, Worrall, Risager 56.5 24-18

8 Heeps, Sedgmen, Ellis, Jacobs 56.8 26-22

9 Worrall, Fricke, Fox, Hawkins 56.9 29-25

10 Cook, Sedgmen, Ellis, Hawkins 55.9 34-26

11 Heeps, Masters, Tungate, Fox 57.1 36-30

12 Fricke, Hawkins, Fox, 3 riders only 57.6 40-32

13 Cook, Worrall, Masters, Tungate 56.6 44-34

14 Fricke, Ellis, Hawkins, Fox (ex) 57.7 47-37

15 Masters, Cook, Worrall, Heeps 58.0 52-38

Edinburgh: C Cook 13+2, J Sedgmen 10+2, M Fricke 12, R/R, S Masters 11, A Fox 6+2, J Jacobs 0

Ipswich: R Tungate 3+1, C Heeps 12, M Risager 0, R/R, R Worrall 11, R Hawkins 4+1, A Ellis 8.

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