Witches need to be wary of the Rockets – Hilton

Ready for the off: Danny King (left) and Ritchie Hawkins about to be pushed off for the opening heat

Ready for the off: Danny King (left) and Ritchie Hawkins about to be pushed off for the opening heat. Picture: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich ‘Sackers’ Witches team boss Phil Hilton has told his team to be wary of Thursday’s opponents at Foxhall, Rye House Rockets.

The Hoddesdon club currently sit top of the League Cup South group and know a draw at Foxhall tonight would put them into the semi-finals.

But Rye House have endured a mixed start to the season, as Hilton knows.

“I went to watch Rye House on Saturday at home to Sheffield and Sheffield won easily,” he said.

“But this is a Rye House team who have already won at Peterborough and Plymouth. They are difficult to work out.

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“We’ve got to just concentrate on our game and we not only need to win – but by more than six points. We don’t want them to take anything away from Foxhall.”

The Witches will make a late decision on Gino Manzares who was injured at Foxhall last week. With the League Cup group so tight, it would be foolish to risk him were he not 100% fit.

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“Our home form has been very good up to now,” Hilton added.

“Gino is taking a late fitness test. I saw him at Mildenhall on Sunday and he was struggling to lift his arm. But we’ll see.”

Rye House have lost the services of Steve Boxall, who was injured on Saturday – they will use rider replacement for him, with Robin Aspegren and the two reserves able to take his rides.

Friday night the Witches travel to Plymouth, without Danny King and Stefan Nielsen in their final group meeting.

Should the Witches beat the Rockets however, they will still need a draw or win to qualify for the semi-finals.

Witches: D King, R Hawkins, G Manzares or R/R, C Heeps, R Tungate, S Nielsen, N Covatti.

Rye House: E Kennett, R Aspegren, A Mellgren, R/R, N B Jakobsen, R Branford, A Edberg.

Mike’s prediction: Witches 53 Rockets 37

League Cup South

P Pts

Rye House 7 17

Peterborough 7 13

Ipswich 6 12

Somerset 7 11

Plymouth 7 4

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