Witches riders hoping to make Ipswich home from home

IPSWICH Witches fans are sure to be seeing a lot more of their team in 2012.

IPSWICH Witches fans will be seeing a lot more of their team in 2012.

And not just on the track.

Because no less than SIX of the Witches starting seven in March, are all set to be based in the town throughout the summer, director of speedway, Chris Louis, said today.

Louis wants to generate as much team spirit away from the track as he knows he will get in the pits, with the side packed full of young riders.

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Only captain, Kevin Doolan, who lives in Sheffield, will not be moving to Suffolk. The rest, including four young Aussies, Cameron Heeps, Rohan Tungate, Taylor Poole and Dakota North will be flying 12,000 miles to be based in Ipswich.

With Morten Risager and Mat Tresarrieu also wanting to put roots in Suffolk, it will be the first time for decades, the club has enjoyed such a close-knit feel.

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“Plans are afoot for six of the team to be staying in Ipswich,” Louis confirmed.

“With so many young Aussies in the team, it will be a good idea for them to get together as often as possible away from meetings. Cameron is only 16, Taylor 18, Dakota 19 and Rohan 21. They’re all along way from home, so knitting together off-track will be good.

“It’s a long time since so many of the riders were based in the town.”

Louis has been buoyed by another increase in season ticket sales (as there was last year). And he’s happy with the team he has assembled, especially with a new tactical ride rule which means although two tactical rides can still be used by a team, they can only be used now between heats five and 12, and not, as last season, in heats 13 or 14.

“Knowing that rule meant I wasn’t so concerned about being hit big in heats 13 and 14,” Louis added.

“It was important to the make-up of the side because I’m not concerned about having to have big hitters in heat 13.

“I’m confident Kevin (Doolan) will become the out-and-out No.1 this season, but as for who will push him for that place – well it could be a number of riders.

“The team is exciting and has potential, although I know potential and excitement won’t win trophies. But then again, if this team does fulfil it’s potential, the ultimate trophy, of the league title, is possible.”

The Witches begin their season on March 15, in a Premier Trophy meeting against possibly Rye House.

ARE you looking forward to the speedway season?

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