Tough news for Ipswich Witches fans as 2021 season is put back

There will be no league speedway for Ipswich Witches in 2020. Picture: Steve Gardiner

The 2021 speedway season looks likely to start in May now, not Easter as originally hoped - Credit: Archant

Ipswich Witches' speedway season looks as though it has been put back to May. 

The Suffolk side were hoping for an April 1 start to the 2021 campaign after the 2020 season was completely wiped out because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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However, the British Speedway AGM, starting tomorrow, has been put back a week, and the following statement issued.

"It was proposed that we would begin at Easter but in all probability it looks more like a May start to the British Speedway season now.

"Following a year without speedway and the decision by Poland to restrict rider availability it is absolutely vital that our planning not only gives us the strongest possible teams across both the Premiership and Championship, but also makes provision for sustainability in the future."