Since the UK and FSA legalised the creation and sale of CBD products, millions of people across the country have begun to talk about the benefits of CBD. Of course, not everyone likes the taste of CBD in a raw, oil-based form. Cannabidiol (CBD) has a rich, earthy taste that some people love, but others find unpalatable.

One of the benefits of CBD gummies is the ability to get the same self-care benefits available from CBD oils, but in a range of fruity flavours. These six companies make some of the best CBD edibles and gummies on the market right now.

Why We Chose These Brands

As a retailer, NutraHolistics cares about what goes into cannabinoid products. The introduction of harsh chemicals at any stage of production, whether it be herbicides during growing or solvents during extraction, can impact the taste of CBD.

Furthermore, these chemicals can add contaminants to the blend and allow them to be carried into the body's endocannabinoid system. We chose the below CBD gummy brands because they:

  • Use non-GMO, organic hemp plants
  • Have vegan-friendly CBD gummy options
  • Use non-chemical extraction processes, such as CO2 extraction
  • Produce their products sustainably
  • Use recyclable materials

Our Pick of the UK's Top 6 CBD Gummy Brands That You Can't Miss

Here are our picks for some of the best CBD gummies you can find in the UK:

1. Blessed CBD

Blessed CBD is undoubtedly one of the best-loved CBD brands in the UK today. Their stable of products includes CBD vapes, CBD capsules, CBD oils, CBD tinctures, and topical creams, as well as vegan CBD gummies. Concentrations of CBD vary across their range, but Blessed CBD’s gummies come in at 25mg of CBD per sweet.

These gummies are made using the best organic hemp extract, flavoured with natural ingredients, and packaged in recyclable materials. These CBD sweets are also gluten-free, THC-free, and vegan, so there’s no chance of nasty side effects or buyer's remorse.

East Anglian Daily Times:

One bonus for those trying CBD for the first time is Blessed CBD’s habit of offering bundle deals that include gummies with other CBD products. If you are not sure where to start, this could be a great choice.

2. Vibes CBD

Vibes CBD has a towering reputation for excellence in the UK CBD industry, and so it should come as no surprise to experienced CBD users that they top this list. Known for putting people before profit, they have a wide range of CBD products with different amounts of CBD per serving.

All of their products are lab tested by a third party, and they make their lab reports easy to access. This means it’s easy to find out precise levels of CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and THC in each product.

While many of their products are entirely THC-free, some have trace amounts of THC. If this is something you want to avoid, it’s best to avoid the broad and full-spectrum CBD products in their stable.

Their CBD gummies are made with pure CBD isolate, however, which means that it is entirely free of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The pleasant fruit flavour of the gummies is created using natural, plant-based ingredients, meaning these are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

As an added bonus, each pack of Vibes CBD gummies comes in a recyclable, sustainably produced tin that is pretty and effective at preserving the texture and condition of the edibles inside. As they only have a 25mg strength option, experienced CBD users may not find them quite to their liking, but beginners and those who want a moderate dose are sure to be pleased.

3. Bliss Botanicals

If you want to experience the benefits of CBD without worrying about the cost to the planet, Bliss Botanicals may be the company you have been waiting for. Dedicated to environmental consciousness, they never use hemp plants that have been treated with pesticides, and they favour a non-chemical extraction process to ensure pure CBD isolate. This means that their products make perfect food supplements.

Of course, if you don’t enjoy the taste of CBD in its raw form, they have a range of CBD gummies in fruity flavours, as well as infused chocolates. Bliss Botanicals creates CBD gummies and sugar-coated domes in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg concentrations, so it’s easy to get the experience you want.

The one downside to this CBD brand is that their gummies cap off at 20mg of CBD per sweet. This means that those who need or prefer a stronger daily dose of CBD might find it hard to get what they need. For true beginners, however, their 5mg gummy domes are an excellent introduction.

4. Calm Cannabinoids

Scottish CBD brand Calm Cannabinoids has carved out a niche in the growing UK market by creating high-quality CBD edibles and products that can be used as wellness food supplements for people from all walks of life. To get an edge, they take their lead from the more mature CBD market in the US and source their hemp from US farms, in locations like Colorado.

This organic hemp is turned into pure CBD oil using a non-chemical extraction process and then infused into a range of products. Calm Cannabinoids produces gummies with concentrations of CBD that range from 10mg to 25mg of CBD per sweet.

Though they create fantastic traditional gummies, their CBD gummy bears and gummy rings are unique and whimsical products that many people enjoy. Their CBD gummy rings have a lovely fruity flavour and 25mg of CBD per serving.

5. CBDistillery

If gummies are your favourite form of CBD, CBDistillery could be your new favourite CBD brand. As a company focussing on overall wellness and sustainable practice, they too use high quality, organic hemp and avoid harsh chemicals in their production processes.

Unlike many CBD brands, however, they offer a truly varied array of CBD gummies. CBDistillery creates THC-free gummies, broad-spectrum CBD gummies, and full-spectrum CBD gummies. While the latter two options have trace amounts of THC, you should not experience any side effects. The benefit of these options is the presence of supportive phytocannabinoids, such as terpenes and flavonoids. These natural derivatives of the cannabis plant are non-psychoactive and create something known as the entourage effect.

If you are interested in CBD edibles like these, their 30mg full-spectrum CBD gummies are a moderately potent option. Other hemp products in their range include sugar-free honey sticks, CBD-infused chocolates, and balms.

6. Relive CBD

As a UK-based brand, Relive CBD is unique in many ways. Most notably, the founders are dedicated to retaining control of production. From seed to sale, they are involved at every point. This has led to the creation of a high-quality, distinct range of CBD gummies, CBD oils, and CBD topicals that had a fantastic reputation throughout the country.

They use some of the best quality, organic hemp plants and a non-chemical extraction method to ensure purity. They also produce THC-free CBD isolates, alongside broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD products. This means you can sidestep any of the potential side effects associated with the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in derivatives of the cannabis plant.

Their range of CBD edibles include chocolate bars and hot chocolates, while their CBD gummies come in three strengths and a range of fruity flavours. Their mildest CBG gummy comes in at 10mg of CBD per gummy, but they also have 25mg and 50mg options for more experienced CBD users. Their 25mg cherry-flavoured CBD gummies are a perennial favourite with fans of the brand, because of their sweet yet tart taste and effective dosing.

Finding the Best Selection of CBD Gummies in the UK

Finding the highest quality CBD products for your wellness routine doesn’t need to be stressful. There are many different options on the UK market today. The best CBD gummies are the ones that you enjoy eating and feel the benefits of; the companies on this list create high-quality CBD oils, CBD edibles, and CBD topicals in a range of potencies.

Don’t be afraid to explore your options, and remember to pay attention to customer reviews to make sure you know what to expect with your CBD supplements.


NutraHolistics, a Netherlands-based health and wellness supplement retailer, presents this comprehensive buyer's guide. Each product has been carefully reviewed by Nathalia Hoedjes, who shares her authentic experiences. Note that NutraHolistics may receive a commission for any products purchased via this guide, now or in the future. Before using CBD, consult your healthcare provider or physician if you have any concerns or need clarification.

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