Try our festive 50 question quiz

Christmas celebrations are likely to be very different this year. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

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Whether you are looking for a Christmas day quiz to test your family at home or across the miles on video call, try our special festive offering. 

Christmas general knowledge 

1.In the 12 Days of Christmas how many maids were milking?  

2.St Stephen's Day is also known as?  

3.Traditionally which coin goes in a Christmas pudding? 

4.In 2020, what was the last day to post a first class item before Christmas? 

5.When was the last official white Christmas in the UK? 

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6.What is the last date to take Christmas decorations down? 

7.In what decade was the first Christmas card sent? 1840s, 1850s or 1860s?

8.Which monarch popularised the Christmas tree?  

9.Name all Santa's reindeer  

10.Which company is incorrectly believed to have given Santa his red suit? 

Christmas TV anagrams 

Re-arrange the names of these TV sitcoms which have some of the top rated Christmas episodes according to viewers 

11. coffee hit (2 words)    

12. Adolfo honor slyness (4 words)   

13.advancing Yates (3 words)   

14. Abel chivied forty (4 words)   

15.hotelier mayfly (3 words)  

16. eight fooled ( 3 words)  

17.daft three (2 words)  

18.allegement enough feet (4 words)   

19. back ladder (1 word)   

20.ailed dinners (1 word) 

Christmas music 

Below are lines from Christmas songs; name the song from which they come and the artist that wrote the song. 

21."Every child must be made aware. Every child must be made to care" 

22."Once bitten and twice shy. I keep my distance, but you still catch my eye" 

23."Time for parties and celebration. People dancing all night long" 

24."Calendar picture, frozen landscape. Chill this room for 24 days" 

25."Got on a lucky one. Came in eighteen to one" 

26."Top to toe in tailbacks. Oh, I got red lights on the run" 

27."Mary Bradley waits at home. In the nuclear fallout zone" 

28."You went away upon boxing day. Now how the hell am I gonna make it into the New Year" 

29."The choir of children sing their song . They practiced all year long" 

30."A love that's meant for me. A heart that's mine completely" 

Christmas food and drink 

31.What alcohol is in eggnog? 

32.Who was said to have inspired the tradition of giving chocolate coins?  

33.A traditional Christmas pudding has what alcohol in it? 

34.What type of icing do you use on a Christmas cake?  

35.In what country do they eat fried chicken on Christmas Day? 

36.What is roasting on an open fire in the popular song? 

37.What food is traditionally left out for Santa’s reindeer? 

38.What bird do the Cratchits sit down to eat in A Christmas Carol? 

39.Prawn cocktail is a traditional Christmas starter, but what are the two main ingredients in the sauce? 

40.Which festive treat was said to have been banned by Oliver Cromwell? 

Christmas films 

Guess the film by the description 

41.A man is visited by the three ghosts who help him change his ways. The whole story is narrated by a creature from another world and his trusty sidekick.  

42.An orphan learns he is not the person he thinks he is and goes on a life changing trip to New York to find his family.  

43.Two women, both unlucky in love, switch lives for Christmas and find love across the ocean 

44.When a department shop Santa turns up to work drunk his replacement seems a little too perfect in the role. 

45.When a mysterious train arrives outside a young boy’s house, he ends up going on a magical Christmas adventure he will never forget.  

46.When Santa falls off a roof it seems that a change of job is on the cards for one dad.  

47.A collection of Christmas tales and love, not all of them happy, featuring a plethora of famous faces.  

48.When Santa’s son realises that his dad has missed out on giving a gift to a young girl, he sets out on a mission to help her.  

49.A school teacher is left with the tricky job of managing this year’s festive play and only makes things worse for himself when he says that a Hollywood director will be turning the event into a movie.  

50.Neighbourly disagreements get taken to the extreme in a fight culminating in Christmas lights so bright they can be seen from space.  


Christmas general knowledge 


2.Boxing Day 

3.Silver sixpence 

4.December 21 


6.January 6 


8.Queen Victoria 

9.Dasher, dancer, prancer, donner, blitzen, comet, cupid, vixen and rudolph 

10.Coca Cola 

Christmas TV anagrams 

11.The Office 

12.Only Fools and Horses 

13.Gavin and Stacey 

14.The Vicar of Dibley 

15.The Royle Family 

16.The Good Life 

17.Father Ted 

18.The League of Gentleman 



Christmas music 

21.Peace on Earth/ Little Drummer Boy – David Bowie and Bing Crosby 

22.Last Christmas – Wham 

23.Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin Stevens 

24.Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses 

25.Fairytale of New York – The Pogues 

26.Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rhea 

27.Stop The Cavalry – Jona Lewie 

28.Christmas Time, Don’t Let the Bells End – The Darkness 

29.Wonderful Christmastime – Paul McCartney 

30.Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson 

Christmas food and drink 

31.rum, brandy or bourbon 

32.St Nicholas 


34.Royal icing 





39.Mayonnaise and ketchup 

40.Mince pies 

Christmas films 

41.The Muppet Christmas Carol  


43.The Holiday 

44.Miracle on 34th Street 

45.Polar Express 

46.The Santa Clause 

47.Love Actually  

48.Arthur Christmas 


50. Deck the Halls