Alan Partridge is back!

ALAN Partridge, Norwich’s most famous imaginary resident, is back – but this time he has north Norfolk in his sights.

The cringeworthy Partridge, creation of comedian Steve Coogan, is set to make a comeback seven years after last being seen on screen.

Beer company Foster’s is sponsoring a new series of 12 short Partridge shows for the internet, which will appear online from next Friday, November 5.

Each will be 11 minutes long and appear on the Fostersfunny website,

Mr Coogan’s creation has courted much controversy with many complaining that the fictitious Radio Norwich DJ was doing the city more harm than good and made a mockery of its people.

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His new incarnation is as a “North Norfolk Digital Radio” DJ.

Alan Partridge co-creator Armando Iannucci has worked on the new web episodes, which are made by Mr Coogan’s production house, Baby Cow.

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Despite not giving too many details away about what the new show will focus on, Mr Iannucci has announced on social network site Twitter that the first three episodes are “suited and booted” and also offers the warning: “North Norfolk doesn’t know what’s about to kick.”

But Tom Kay, programme director with North Norfolk Radio, said the comedy character just needs to be taken as a bit of fun.

He said: “I think Alan Partridge and what he does is just a little bit of a laugh really.

“I am an East Anglian boy born and breed and the best thing about us is that we can have a laugh.”

Virginia Gay, leader of North Norfolk District Council, said she believed the county was resilient enough to take anything Alan was going to say.

To mark the series, Mr Coogan has released a new quote in his Partridge persona.

He said: “I am delighted to announce that after years as a regional broadcaster on North Norfolk Digital my groundbreaking radio segment, Mid Morning Matters, will now be accessible to a potential audience of billions via the World Wide Web (www).

“That it has taken Foster’s to help realise my dream of joining the information superhighway is a damning indictment of the established broadcasters whose shabby treatment of me on September 10 2001 was frankly shabby. I made dozens of calls the next day, all of which were ignored.

“My appreciation must go to Armando Iannucci and Baby Cow for ignoring the lies, God bless them.

“In the meantime I look forward to “hanging out ‘n’ chillin” with the MySpace generation.”

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