Aldeburgh: Comedian Jen Brister checks into Brudenell Hotel

Comedian Jen Brister

Comedian Jen Brister - Credit: Archant

Like most comedians, Jen Brister spends a lot of time on the road; she doesn’t always get to stay in a posh place like Aldeburgh’s Brudenell Hotel though.

She’ll be performing there tomorrow as part of a series of Christmas dinner and comedy nights, courtesy of London’s Soho Theatre.

“They’re really going to look after us. It’s a lovely hotel and they’re going to feed us,” laughs Jen, a regular performer on the UK and international circuit who has written for BBC Scotland, presented for BBC6 Music and starred in Russell Brand’s Cloud Cuckoo Land for BBC Radio 2.

“Normally I turn up, there’s no green room, I just sit in a kitchen or something then drive back that night so in that respect it is a bit more glamorous.”

Thursday’s show will be a mix of material from her last three shows and new stuff.

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“I’m in the process of writing a new show... as a comic, as soon as you start writing new material you really want to put it out there. Unfortunately, in some cases it works better than your old material because you’re excited, other times it can fail because you don’t know it well enough and you haven’t figured out the rhythm where the gags are,” laughs the 37-year-old self-confessed cynical malcontent, who says her greatest life achievement so far is receiving 22 retweets of an angry Tweet during Question Time.

“I’ll sprinkle a bit of new stuff in there... it makes a bit more interesting for me as well.”

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Intending to be an actor, when Jen - best described as an anecdotal autobiographical comedian - left university she was put off by the passive role actors play in whether they get work.

“You’d go to auditions then they’d tell you if you’ve got the job... I was like ‘this seems like a real b**-ache I would rather just be in control of how often I perform. Stand-up was the only thing that allowed to do that; I’d done a bit of stand up before at university in front of my friends and obviously thought I was really good at it.

“Friends and family, they’re going to laugh aren’t they? Then I did it in front of real audiences who’ve not got any investment in you whatsoever other than if you make them laugh; yeah it was a very steep learning curve.

“I think stand-up is like an addiction - I didn’t want to do it as a job ever. When I wasn’t doing it I’d really miss it so I think it’s quite compulsive behaviour.”

The hotel’s comedy nights include a pre-dinner drink, three-course festive menu and more. Starting at 7pm, book by calling The Brudenell on 01728 452071 or visit

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