Apprentice candidates clash in trade selling task

TEMPERS fray and temperatures rise as the candidates clash again in tonight’s episode of The Apprentice.

The two teams are sent to the Science Museum in London where they have to persuade a group of inventors and designers that they should have the right to sell their products.

And both like the look of baby clothes that change colour, but pushy Stuart Baggs - who describes himself as “Stuart Baggs the brand” - threatens to spoil his team’s pitch for the business with his style.

As his colleagues confront him, project manager Jamie Lester is forced to warn Baggs about his ‘rude’ behaviour.

Meanwhile, over on the rival team, the decision to give every contestant a book to log their own sales also causes trouble.

Paloma Vivanco, Laura Moore and Sandesh Samra are soon at each other’s throats.

After another feisty episode it’s back to the boardroom for the results - and one more candidate gets their marching orders from Lord Sugar.