Apprentice: Glenn pulped for failed magazine task

DESIGN engineer Glenn Ward was pulped by Lord Sugar last night after failing in a magazine challenge in The Apprentice.

The 28-year-old was spiked after his less than glossy performance in the boardroom showdown.

He had earlier seen his team fail the task by creating a new publication aimed at the grey pound, while his rival team hit the jackpot with more ad revenue for their raunchy lads’ mag featuring a glamour model on the cover.

Ward ended up in the boardroom with project manager Jim Eastwood and fellow Venture colleague Susan Ma.

“I was surprised to be fired. I didn’t want to be fired and I didn’t expect to be,” he said today.

Both teams had to create their own publication and sell advertising space in the task, and Team Venture chose to design a freesheet for the over-60s, ironically titled Hip Replacement.

The magazine secured �28,500 of advertising, but Team Logic’s lads’ mag Covered won after scooping �76,500.

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Lord Sugar was quick to criticise Venture’s magazine, saying: “The name Hip Replacement is bad. The content is condescending and idiotic.”

Ward defended the team, he said: “We didn’t want a cliched title. We might have got a little bit carried away. It could have really worked, as the concept was right, but it was a mistake we lost the task.”