Apprentice preview: Teams tackle French challenge

TONIGHT’S Apprentice sees the teams split by the English Channel as Lord Sugar sets them a French export challenge.

While one-half of each team heads to Paris to arrange sales appointments, their colleagues have to stay in London to pick out products to sell.

It is immediately clear that some of Lord Sugar’s budding business partners know very little about the French, and even less about what they will buy.

Market research on the streets of Paris proves fruitless as the candidates struggle to describe in stuttering franglais items they haven’t seen, while one candidate proves fluent in French, yet hopeless at diplomacy.

The teams then re-group in the French capital, only for squabbling and disputes to break out - which leads to some confused pitches to bemused buyers.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar is unimpressed to hear that one team used a playground game to decide who would pitch.

And, much to their surprise, someone discovers they picked a winning product with some blockbusting sales figures.

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But who will be fired this week?

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