Apprentice preview: The battle of the free magazines

TONIGHT’S Apprentice sees the teams called to Fleet Street to be told by Lord Sugar that they’ll be creating and publishing a free magazine.

Eager to hit on a surefire market to tempt advertisers, the teams go in very different directions.

One takes aim at the low-brow lads’ mag market, while the other plumps for the older readers - and both seem to tick all the sterotype boxes as the task progresses.

Photoshoots get racy for the lads’ mag team, and some patronising names are bandied about in the other team, prompting a few raised eyebrows from 67-year-old Nick as he observes.

The pitches go badly for one team, who don’t know what they’re selling, and soon enough it’s back to the boardroom - where another candidate gets their marching orders...

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