Apprentice returns to TV screens

HIT TV show The Apprentice returns to our TV screens tonight after an extended absence, with Lord Sugar once again searching for the country’s brightest business talent.

The 16 candidates will battle it out for the job over the next 12 weeks under the watchful eye of Lord Sugar and his advisors Nick Hewer and Karen Brady, the latter replacing Margaret Mountford.

Tonight’s first episode sees a midnight call to the boardroom for the new candidates and their first task - produce a range of sausages ready to be sold the next morning.

Each team is given a crash course in crafting the perfect banger, before hitting the streets at the crack of dawn in hopes of selling their stock and avoiding the firing line in the boardroom.

Of course, it’s not long before tensions rise and tempers flare..

The winning team get the keys to their new home - a beautiful Georgian townhouse in London’s West End.

But the losers face a different fate - the boardroom and a battle to avoid being the first candidate to hear Sir Alan say: “You’re fired”.

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- The Apprentice is on BBC One tonight at 9pm.