Aspiring film-makers shoot for fame in Ipswich

IPSWICH will serve as the backdrop for aspiring actors and film-makers shooting for internet fame.

Home Grown Stories is the brainchild of Miriam Rowe who is giving budding stars the inspiration and tools to make their own films.

“It doesn’t require a lot of expensive kit or time, there’re a lot of opportunities and all you have to do is pick up your camera, get out there and film,” said Miriam, who’s already enjoyed success in East and West London, Gosport and Worcester since the project started in April.

“The boy in our first film is only 13 and has gone on to make a short film for his own YouTube channel. In Worcester we met a girl who really wants to become an actress and she’s now got something that shows what she can do.”

Miriam will be at Ipswich’s DanceEats caf� at 11am on August 28 for a brainstorming session with those already down to take part.

They’ll come up with a story and decide who’ll write, act, help film, record sound and generally assist. Cameras roll from 1pm-4pm at locations including Ipswich Transport Museum.

Miriam shoots the main action – done in a slick, fly on the wall style - on a high definition camera, with film assistants shooting secondary footage on their own cameras or phones.

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She then takes it home, edits the movie and accompanying behind the scenes film then posts on

“We’re quite relaxed, it’s not like we’ve come to Ipswich to make our short film - we’re coming to help people make the short film they want to make.”

The project sticks to fiction rather than documentary-style stores. Previous pieces have included surreal comedies – such as a young man’s first date decisions guided by a submarine crew in his mind – to a heartfelt story about one girl reluctantly giving away a guitar that once belonged to her father.

“We feel there’s going to be a whole generation of people who are going to actively go to YouTube to source their entertainment viewing.

“We’re very keen to get established as a YouTube channel that people want to tune into and they’re aware that regular, quality content is going to come out of it every month; so we want it to become almost like a series that is interactive as well that people can get involved in.”

Taking part can help aspiring artists get a foot in the door.

“It’s a bit of extra experience, something people can refer to online and I act as a reference for people taking part going on to college courses or jobs,” added Miriam.

“The aim is to get some small funding to make is sustainable and go on to showcase people’s work. The more people who get involved and think ‘yeah that was good fun, I’m really glad that I got involved’ the more the viewing figures may go up and it snowballs from there.”

There’s still a chance to take part in the August 28 filming. Call Miriam on 07859 000395 or e-mail