Back on duty with favourite Anglo-Iranian

Omid Djalili Tour of Duty, Ipswich Regent

HE has been off our stages and out of our theatres for over three years, but he hasn’t been idle.

Omid Djalili has been busy sharing his own unique brand of Anglo-Iranian humour through film – The Infidel – and TV –

But last night he bounced back on to the Regent stage and it seemed like he’d never been away.

He has claimed in interviews that his first love is stand-up but that he had a major crisis of confidence when about to go on stage.

At times it showed, with some faltering and the odd misplaced joke, but it was a vastly improved show compared with his last visit.

He explored ethnicity with great vim and vigour; suicide bombers may not be top of the list for many comics but he is bold enough to try and, on balance, got away with it.

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The late Osama bin Laden also provided an unlikely vein of comedy which Djalili mined to some effect.

There was a little bongo-based filler material, which didn’t add much to the evening, but though he fell back on the silly dancing and Nigerian accent it was lightly done.

On balance the rest has been as good as a change. Good to see him back.