Bury St Edmunds: Artists create world made from sugar

AN ENCHANTING miniature land of sugar, spice and all things nice has landed in a Suffolk gallery.

A psychedelic world made entirely from sugar is the new installation at Smiths Row gallery, in Bury St Edmunds.

Called Sweet, Sweet Galaxy, the work features brilliant blends of shimmering pinks and purples, as well as intricate models and figures to create a euphoric atmosphere.

The intriguing work was created by Australian artists Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic, working in collaboration as Pip and Pop.

Ms Andrijevic said: “It is an ideal of Utopia, of paradise and excess. Originally we used sugar because, being in a kitchen, it was something that’s everywhere.

“But sugar was so central to this paradise world with the notions of sweetness and making us happy.”

As well as hand-made origami pieces, tiny flowers and models, the eye-catching creation used 600kg of sugar, produced at the Silver Spoon plant in the town itself.

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The concept is said to be inspired by Buddhist theories of enlightenment, Japanese video games and German folk tales.

“We are seeing how far we can push something which is so sweet, it’s almost too much,” Ms Schultz said.

“We both love bright colours. There is so much joy and optimism.”

The installation is now open to the public until Saturday, February 26.

For more details visit www.smithsrow.org