Bury St Edmunds: Audience participation is encouraged at Nowton Park production of Romeo and Juliet on Sunday, August 17

Romeo or Juliet is coming to Nowton Park on August 17

Romeo or Juliet is coming to Nowton Park on August 17 - Credit: Contributed

A new version of the classic love story, Romeo and Juliet, will be played out at Nowton Park in Bury St Edmunds on Sunday, August 17.

Local theatre company The Keeper’s Daughter, which specialises in making classic stories more engaging for teenage and family audiences, are behind this adaptation, Romeo or Juliet?, which encourages audience involvement.

The audience members will enter Verona on arrival and will have to choose their side, swearing allegiance to the Capulets or the Montagues as events unfolds around them.

Guests are invited to the Capulets masked ball, but are advised to bring their own visage - with a prize for the most attractive.

Director Mark Finbow said it used the original text, but separates the drama into Juliet and Romeo’s separate stories, which each play out simultaneously in different areas of the park. “I’m certain this has never been done before with this play – and that’s the really exciting bit,” he said.

The show has been arranged in conjunction with Bury Fringe Festival and the borough council. Audiences are advised to book in advance as tickets are limited. Tickets are available at www.theapex.co.uk or on the door.

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