Watch more than a thousand huskies run through Rendlesham Forest

The British Husky Racing Association will be having an event this Saturday at Rendlesham forest, near Woodbridge, Suffolk

The British Husky Racing Association will be having their first event in more than a year this Saturday at Rendlesham forest - Credit: Angela Lord

Suffolk animal lovers will be able to see more than a thousand dogs storm through Rendlesham Forest as the British Siberian Husky Racing Association holds its first race since March 2020.

Spectators are invited to watch teams of athletic dogs and humans cannon down forest paths in an exciting time trial event this Saturday. 

More than a thousand huskies will be running through the woods in Rendlesham, Suffolk this weekend

More than a thousand huskies will be running through the woods in Rendlesham this weekend - Credit: Angela Lord

Steve Rooke, organiser of the race said: "Rendlesham is one of the best trails in the UK. 

"It's interesting for the dogs, it's not split up into big blocks like most commercial forests, and the ground is the perfect consistency for the dogs. It's not too hard, which can damage their pads, and it's not too soft, which slows everything down. 

"The last time we raced was in March 2020. We were shut down all last year because of Covid. While you would think it would be fairly covid safe, the forestry commision has rules handed down from the government, and we couldn't go without their permission."

Spectators are advised to watch the event in Rendlesham, Suffolk, from either the start or the finish line

Spectators are advised to watch the event from either the start of the finish line - Credit: Angela Lord

Mr Rooke continued: "We have 110 teams, with more than 1,000 dogs over seven categories.

"We run eight, six, four, three and two dog buggies and the one dog scooter and bike categories. The three dog buggy is the most common configuration.

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"No one attempts this sort of track on a board. That would be insanely dangerous. The smallest wheels we use are 20 inch BMX ones — some of the teams use bigger ones than that."

8 dog teams are the largest configuration competing in Rendlesham, Suffolk

8 dog teams are the largest configuration competing in Rendlesham - Credit: Angela Lord

Spectators are recommended to watch the race from the starting point, rather than on the trail.

"It's probably best to watch it from around the start. If you're out on the trail you'll see them smash past you almost silently at a rapid pace and that is it.

"We launch three teams, one after the other, so at the start you have 24 dogs jumping around and barking at once. It's quite spectacular."

8 dog teams are the largest configuration competing in Rendlesham forest, Suffolk

Steve recommends anyone who'd like to get involved comes along to the event, and asks a team local to them if they need any help during training - Credit: Angela Lord

There is an opportunity to find out more about husky racing by speaking to those involved about where their local team is. 

There will be food stands and toilet facilities available at the event. Racing will be starting some time after 7:30am. 

Entrance is free, although parking costs up to £4. 

Parking is available at the Rendlesham forest centre, though Steve asks that care is taken to leave space behind competitors vans. 

The British Husky Racing Association also asks spectators to not bring any pets with them, as the environment can be very frightening for animals unused to it. 

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