Trigger Happy TV's Dom Joly heads to the Apex

Comedian Dom Joly will be performing at the Bury St Edmunds Apex in March

Comedian Dom Joly will be performing at the Bury St Edmunds Apex in March - Credit: Michelle Martin

Comedian Dom Joly is bringing his latest tour Dom Joly's Holiday Snaps to the Bury St Edmunds Apex on Wednesday, March 2. 

Based on showing off holiday photos from dangerous places he's visited, Joly will be telling tales about his travels from North Korea to Chernobyl. 

The funnyman will also share stories of his childhood which include attending the same school as Osama bin Laden.

He said: “I found out not so long ago that I went to school with Osama bin Laden. I messaged for him on Friends Reunited, but he didn’t get back to me.”

Speaking about his tour he added: “I’ve got this collection of weird holiday snaps. And I know there’s that cliché that ‘nobody wants to see anybody else’s holiday snaps’. Well, my holiday snaps are really good. And I’ve got some really good stories with them."

“I’ve always loved travel shows”, he adds.

“But even though everybody knows how TV works, travel shows always lie. So, I always wanted to make real travel shows and write honest and authentic books that told people what places were really like.”

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“North Korea is still the weirdest place I’ve ever been to. It’s insane. The only people who go to North Korea are hardened travellers whose idea of hell is a coach tour – but they all sign up to a coach tour.

"And they take you around the Museum of Agricultural Scythes and Lathes and it’s dreadful but because it’s North Korea everyone thinks it’s great.”

Dom will also be sharing stories from his time on TV, including from ITV's I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Skys Trigger Happy TV.

“The theme is travel. So, for instance, when we did Trigger Happy TV, we went to Switzerland and found out our runner couldn’t ski and then I got arrested for impersonating a yeti.

“Then there was stuff from World Shut Your Mouth, which had me the frightening the Eskimo with cymbals. There’s another snap of me at Chernobyl, thinking: ‘Should I eat the vegetables here or not?’

"So, when I put all of them together, I’ve got a seriously great holiday show."

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