Seaside town 'everyone will be talking about' named

An early morning photo of the Lighthouse, Dovercourt, Harwich. Photo was taken at sunrise. beautiful

Dovercourt, Harwich - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Harwich has featured on a list of the seaside towns "everyone will be talking about" by The Sunday Times, after capturing the paper's attention with its "Captain Pugwash charm". 

The list included six seaside towns across the country that are "rising, or resurfacing, stars that are set to cause quite a splash" among visitors.

In the article, The Sunday Times said that Harwich is a "pretty port town"  that "has many surprises, and despite a few dreary corners - and lorries cramming its entry road - it exudes a kind of Captain Pugwash charm."

The sign over the main entrance to this early 1911 cinema in Harwich, Essex. Restored in recent year

Electric Palace, Harwich - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The article continues: "A score of pastel-toned 17th and 18th century buildings meld with the pretty Guildhall; the Electric Palace Cinema, dating back to 1911, is undergoing renovation; and Dovercourt Bay beach has bagged a blue flag and is within easy reach of nature reserves and scenic walking routes.

The list also praises the history of the Essex coastal town and the ongoing events in Harwich that celebrate the past.

Harwich Port.

Harwich Port. - Credit:

"You can visit the home of the Mayflower captain, Christopher Jones, and learn about the ship's voyage to America in 1620, or join the sea-shanty aficionados at Harwich's new Festival of the Sea (June 17-19) and once you've worked up an appetite try the Pier at Harwich for mussels and beer with harbour views of jostling boats."

Harwich's The Alma Inn and Dining Rooms was also acknowledged in the article, with the list complimenting the site's "charming rooms with timber detailing and fresh lobster suppers".

The Alma Inn and Dining Rooms has been operating in the town since the 1850s.

Harwich was also recently home to an 'Illuminate Festival' which brought a "carnival atmosphere" to the town.