December 27: Films of the day

ARTS Editor Andrew Clarke’s guide to festive films continues with Bank Holiday Monday, December 27.

Bank Holiday Monday 27/12/10

- The Incredibles; BBC One, 3.25pm

Pixar’s superhero spoof that also manages to be a James Bond-esque espionage thriller. The film also has great fun with the concept of the real world being a legal nightmare for superheroes.

As a result superheroes are retired and a family with super-powers has to relocate and swap a life of fighting crime for suburban normality.

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However, the frustrated Mr Incredible signs up for a mysterious assignment on a remote island - unaware he is jumping straight into a trap that will require his wife and children to use all their powers to save him.

This is Pixar’s greatest movie after Toy Story and proof, if proof were needed that animated films are not just for children.

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- Volver; More4, 11.35pm

Penelope Cruz and her co-stars shared the Best Actress award at Cannes for their heartwarming ensemble performance in this Pedro Almodvar film about a family mourning the loss of a much loved mother who then suspect that she may be haunting her own house.

As you would expect nothing is what it seems.

Cruz is outstanding as the single mother who takes charge of her life and re-opens a disused restaurant.

Part family drama, part comedy, part thriller, it’s a total delight from beginning to end. Spanish with English sub-titles.

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