DVD of the week: Toy Story 3

THE last in the massively successful trilogy of Toy Story films is Richard Bryson’s pick of the bunch this week, ahead of some other high profile releases.

DVD of the week: Toy Story 3 (Pixar, �17.99 )

Because the line above this column says DVD of the Week I can’t truly recommend another high profile late November release, Sex and the City 2.

I quite liked the big screen debut of SATC a few year’s back but the follow-up is so weak and lazy it should only be seen by fans of the series - and even then they might not tolerate it.

No, by far the best release is Toy Story 3, a sequel that takes a great deal of trouble to get it right in terms of a nicely thought through storyline that plays out like the Great Escape, and throws in more of the expected smart lines and heart-warming jokes.

You may also want to watch:

This time a mix up transports Woody and co to a day care centre where destructive young children, and a not so cute bear, make life very uncomfortable for our favourite characters.

And even though this is an adventure that pretty much sidesteps obvious sentimentality some grown-ups may find themselves having to dab away a tear by the close.

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