East Anglia: Film shot in Suffolk is being entered into festivals

A SHORT film which was shot at a former air base in Suffolk and has been made by a team from the region is being put forward for festivals in the hope it will scoop an award.

Mark Fisher, from Kesgrave, is the script writer and director of Belly of the Wolf, which he said was loosely based on the well-known children’s tale Little Red Riding Hood.

The film was shot last year at Bentwaters Parks in Rendlesham using actors and a crew from East Anglia. Mr Fisher, 36, who has a production company called Oceansky Pictures, said he wanted it to be dark - quite different to his first film ‘When I Stand on the Moon’ which he described as Spielbergesque.

“It was just by chance really I was reading online about these events that happened in Eastern Europe between the 17th and 18th Centuries about these individuals who fully believed they were capable of transforming into werewolves. They were going into the woods and living in the woods, eating people.”

The story involves three main characters: a brother and sister [played by Finn Morrell from Ely and Maia Elsey from Ipswich] who stumble upon the eerie air base and a creature which has the characteristics of a werewolf.

Mr Fisher, who works part-time in Currys, found the perfect person to play this role in the form of Jim Crick, from the Bury St Edmunds-based band Generation of Swine, who he met at a wedding.

He did not know if he could act, but fortunately he had “everything an actor needs”.

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Mr Fisher, who has a daughter, Grace, and partner, Allison Johnson, added how he was “really privileged” to have cinematographer Steven Hall from Eye on board.

Belly of the Wolf has already been entered into the Atlanta International Film Festival and the Ann Arbor Film Festival, both in the US, and is set to be entered into many more.

Mr Fisher is targeting festivals which are “Oscar qualifiers”.

To support the film, which Mr Fisher has self-funded with the help of family, and view the trailer visit www.wefund.com/project/belly-of-the-wolf/p55661/