Fancy a sandwich before Ipswich Regent gig, ask Andre

Peter Andre talks sandwiches, the secret to a perfect cup of coffee and touring on his way to kung fu practice; with the last in mind entertainments writer WAYNE SAVAGE tries not to upset him

Last time Andre was here he revealed nobody invites him in for a cuppa before or after shows; so he’s opened his own coffee shop.

“There are methods to my madness,” he laughs. Although his plan seems to have backfired.

“Even now I don’t get my own coffee sometimes because they [the staff] are too busy.”

Andre even straps on his apron and goes in early sometimes before the shop opens and help make the sandwiches.

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“I’m hands on, my brother Danny’s there all the time; he’s running the whole thing. I love it, it’s my passion. Sometimes when there’s people out, when they least expect it - I don’t want to sound like I’m somebody - but I walk out there and just go ‘hello everyone, welcome to the shop’.”

New York Coffee Club (NYCC) opened in East Grinstead last month, possibly the first in a chain it’s doing amazing he adds.

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“We take pride [in it]. Me and Danny said from the start it’s okay for the hype to be there; but if your product is not very good you’re only going to do well for a short period of time.”

They spent a year developing their own blend of beans, making sure everything was just right.

“Our coffees are excellent,” Andre says proudly. “We know when people come in they’re not going to go ‘urgh that tastes bitter’ no way, I’m very particular about my coffee. The espresso, even until the morning of opening we were still tweaking it after a year. I don’t like it when you get these coffees and it’s bitter and you’ve got to put loads of sugar in. You shouldn’t have to put sugar in; if the coffee’s good it doesn’t need sugar.”

He is looking forward to returning to Suffolk; “it’s a lovely place,” he says.

The Mysterious Girl singer was last at the Ipswich Regent in December 2010 and also played the town’s Christchurch Park in July. As we revealed on Tuesday, he returns to the theatre on Monday, December 3, 2012.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

“Touring is my life, I absolutely love it; if I didn’t have children I would do it more and more,” says the singer and hit reality TV show star, who’s promising some surprises.

“I’ve been inspired lately by the visual effects of some of the West End shows, like Ghost for example. They’re starting to use what I’ve been dreaming of using for years - 3D visual effects, holograms, things like that.

“I’m going to see what I’m allowed to use. I don’t want people to come and think they have to know the songs to enjoy the show. I want to make it a great show, if you know them it’s a bonus. There might be a story as opposed to just song and dance.”

Fans can expect all the hits from Mysterious Girl to Behind Closed Doors and, hopefully, some songs from his upcoming eighth studio album which he’s currently working on.

When we spoke a few weeks back, he let slip he was returning to the Australian jungle to join the I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here star panel and, perhaps, get a little more involved.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” he says as I bring up the bush tucker trials. “I certainly wouldn’t want to [do any more of those].”

By now you’ll have seen the 2004 contestant’s surprise guest appearance in camp, jumping out of a large box wrapped in ribbon after the six celebrities left took part in a competition which saw them dancing to Mysterious Girl.

Having written Insania during his time on the show, he got them to pen their own jungle song.

“Of course, it [going out there] is an excuse for me because mum and dad live down the road so it’s brilliant,” he laughs.

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