Film review: Deadpool 2 is crude but uproariously funny

Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin star in Deadpool 2. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin star in Deadpool 2. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox - Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Following the surprise success of the original two years ago, Ryan Reynolds brings the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ back to the big screen for Deadpool 2.

This time the titular anti hero is up against Josh Brolin’s Cable, a deadly assassin from the future.

When Cable targets a young mutant he has befriended, Wade Wilson – AKA Deadpool – assembles a rag tag team of heroes in an attempt to protect the boy.

A James Bond-style opening sequence accompanied by a Celine Dion theme song sets the tone for more pop culture bashing and gloriously meta mischief.

Newcomers to the cast include Zazie Beets as Domino and Terry Crews as Bedlam, while Karan Soni returns as Wade’s Taxi driving friend Dopinder.

John Wick and Atomic Blonde director David Leitch takes the reins for this highly anticipated sequel and the former stuntman adds his brand of bone-crunching action to the already ultra-violent franchise.

As well as staring in the lead role, Reynolds also worked on the script alongside writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reece and it is clear the success of the first film has given the writers more confidence to fully embrace the films ‘R’ rating.

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The bad language and violence are again played for laughs, but it’s taken up to the next level. The plot has more depth and there are unexpected plot twists aplenty, while a plethora of new characters are introduced along the way.

The self referential humour and fourth wall breaking is again used to good effect with Reynolds’ delivery the key to much of its success.

A few of the gags are recycled, but there is plenty of fresh material too as the filmmakers do their best to avoid retreading old ground.

The film relies heavily on its audience being fans of the genre, and as a result some of the jokes may be a little too niche.

However, the quick fire pace at which they are delivered means there is always another joke around the corner.

Not everything works to perfection, but the film is so relentlessly entertaining that even its bum notes are quickly forgotten.

With Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds has added a refreshingly original entry to the X-Men universe. Crude, offensive but most importantly uproariously funny.

Deadpool 2 is showing at Stowmarket Regal from June 8-14.