Fired Melissa insists ‘I’m not monstrous’

FIRED Apprentice candidate Melissa Cohen tonight said the show turned her into a “monstrous warmonger”, but taught her to change her ways.

The ex-hairdresser, 24, was axed by Lord Sugar after a series of clashes with colleagues and judge Karen Brady, who told her that her pitches were ‘very annoying.’

And after being fired she refused to shake hands with fellow boardroom battlers Jamie Lester and Stuart Baggs.

Cohen said: “I am a confrontational person, but far more affable and not monstrous in my daily life.

“I’m not such a warmonger. But when you’re put in a competitive environment certain aspects of your personality can come out that aren’t normally there.”

Lester lead team Apollo to defeat in the task despite selling more than �76,000 worth of eco shower-heads and double-handed spades.

Rivals Synergy shifted over �122,000 worth of their product, Baby Glow, a baby grow which changes colour if a baby has a high temperature.

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Cohen said she though that Baggs, who lost the team their pitch for the Baby Glow with his pushy style, should have been the candidate fired.

And she admitted it was hard to be told by Brady that she was annoying, but that she had tried to change.

“Whilst obviously you feel slightly hurt that your superiors feel you’re annoying, I can see where she was going with that, because with the pressure I put on myself I was really pushing home the point of ‘I won’t fail’,” she said.

“So I probably did come over a little bit annoying, but you have to learn from what’s being told to you.”