Suffolk brewer Adnams launches collaboration with US 'craft beer legend'

Suffolk brewer Adnams has partnered with US craft beer company Sierra Nevada to produce 'Eastern Edge'

Suffolk brewer Adnams has partnered with US craft beer company Sierra Nevada to produce 'Eastern Edge' - Credit: Anthony Cullen/Phipps

Suffolk brewer Adnams has launched a new collaboration with US "craft beer legend" Sierra Nevada.

'Eastern Edge' has been described as a new "trans-Atlantic" pale ale and the joint project is in celebration of Adnams' 150th anniversary.

Southwold-based Adnams said Eastern Edge is named to reflect the "influential vistas that dominate each brewery’s hometown", with Adnams looking across the sea from the English east coast and Sierra Nevada towards the Sierra Nevada mountains to the east.

The beer is made from yeast that travelled from Sierra Nevada to Suffolk along with Adnams' house yeast and hops from both the UK and US were selected to provide "delicate floral and resinous aromas".

Dan Gooderham, Adnams head brewer, said: “Adnams house yeast, which has been used since the 1920s, and Sierra Nevada’s ‘Chico’ yeast, have given the breweries their distinct flavours for many years, so we thought that it would be interesting to have the yeasts work in tandem, for a true collaboration.

Dan Gooderham, head brewer at Adnams

Dan Gooderham, head brewer at Adnams - Credit: Adnams/Anthony Cullen

"American hops are such an essential component for Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, so we decided to source some UK grown hops of the same variety to add even more depth of flavour to Eastern Edge.

"The provenance of hops has a huge influence on their characteristics and the flavour and aroma expressed, much like wine and the ‘terroir’. All this combined is what gives Eastern Edge its unique taste.”  

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Fergus Fitzgerald, Adnams Production Director, said: “I think we see lots of similarities between our two breweries.

Adnams chief of production Fergus Fitzgerald

Adnams production director Fergus Fitzgerald - Credit: Anthony Cullen

"Sierra, like us, values independence. It is not easy to achieve and even harder to maintain for as long as we have.

"Like us, it’s very aware of its sense of place. Sierra has a connection to its environment and the desire to balance its protection with progress.

"Sustainability has been a key focus for the Sierra team – that similar outlook is always something we look for when partnering up, and we’re delighted we could make this happen to celebrate our 150th year.”

Steve Grossman, brewery ambassador at Sierra Nevada, said: “Finding like-minded brewers, sharing stories and collaborating on a new beer recipe over a pint or two – it’s truly one of the most unique and amazing things about the craft beer industry. Being invited by Adnams to collaborate on a brew to help commemorate its 150th anniversary was sincerely a great honour.

"Hopefully the good folks of Adnams will celebrate with Sierra Nevada when our brewery marks its 150th anniversary!”.