Adnams launches new 'little gin'

Adnams Smidgin

Adnams Smidgin - Credit: Anthony Cullen

Award-winning brewer and distiller Adnams has just launched its first ever 'little gin' - Smidgin.

The new high-strength hand-crafted spirit (50% ABV) has been distilled with 10 times the botanicals of regular gin, and its petite bottle comes with a 2.5ml copper spoon to create the perfect measure for a great-tasting but low alcohol G&T when combined with tonic.

As a true gin, Smidgin has the same shelf-life as a regular spirit, with no storage issues or short shelf life after opening, and each tiny bottle contains a generous 80 servings.

Smidgin is made from grain to glass using a distillery wash of 100% East Anglian malted barley, distilled into vodka, then redistilled in the same way as all Adnams gins, but with an increased intensity- so less is more. Its six-ingredient recipe of juniper, sweet orange peel, hibiscus flower, coriander seed, cardamom pods and orris root, means gin connoisseurs have no need to compromise on flavour when choosing a lower alcohol option.

Full of fruity and floral characteristics, citrus notes in juniper in the gin are bolstered by zesty peels and balanced by the sweet notes of cardamom and the light spice of coriander seeds. Underlying hints of hibiscus lift these characteristics and give a refreshingly soft finish.

It couldn’t be simpler to serve up Smidgin. Just mix the provided spoonful (2.5ml) with tonic water (200ml) over ice and add a twist of orange zest.

John McCarthy, head distiller at Adnams, says: “The team and I are very excited about Smidgin. It is a new concept for us but one we feel is bound to be a hit. The number of botanicals in the gin means that the quality and flavour is uncompromised in this low strength serve – something our customers are always on the lookout for. The trend for low/no is here to stay so we must continue to look for ways to build on quality choices for our loyal customers. As soon as the team here tried it, there was no going back for us!”

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Smidgin is priced at £26 and is available to buy online at and in Adnams retail stores now.

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