Popular Manningtree cafe passes down from mother to daughter

Cafe Rio

Hannah and James Linnett have taken over Cafe Rio - Credit: Cafe Rio

A Manningtree woman has taken over a cafe that her mother has run for the past 16 years.

Hannah Linnett and her husband James took over Cafe Rio, which was formerly run by Hannah's mother Sally, on April 2. 

Located in Manningtree, in north Essex, Cafe Rio offers a "friendly and relaxed atmosphere", homemade baked goods, and traditional comfort food.

Cafe Rio

Cafe Rio has a wide range of comfort food available - Credit: Cafe Rio

Ms Linnett said: "It's been amazing. 

"It has been busy, and crazy as well just adjusting to it, but it has gone really well, it's definitely been the best decision. It was a natural progression, me taking over from mum – she's reached an age of retirement, so she was looking to sell it anyway and we just fancied a change.

"We live 500m away and our kids go to the local school, so we just decided to go for it."

Cafe Rio

Homemade sausage rolls are on the menu at Cafe Rio - Credit: Cafe Rio

However, Mr and Mrs Linnett had to brush up on their hospitality skills. 

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She said: "I used to work at Cafe Rio as a teenager when my mum first bought it 16 years ago, and my husband worked in hospitality before becoming an estate agent, but the gap in between has been a long time. 

"In the first couple of weeks there was definitely a lot to learn, but I think we're there now, which is nice. We've still got all of the staff, who have been very supportive."

The cafe, which Mrs Linnett says is named for the Spanish word for river, is located at the centre of Manningtree, at number 23 in the High Street. 

Hannahs's other business is cake making, and she hopes to sell loots of her homebaked cakes at the cafe

Hannahs's other business is cake making, and she hopes to sell loots of her homebaked cakes at the cafe - Credit: Cafe Rio

Mrs Linnett said: "Because it's a popular cafe as it is and it works really well we don't want to change too much.

"We will be adding some extra specials and some new kinds of cakes, and we are in the process of redoing the takeaway window so it works at a faster pace. 

"We're also looking to sort out an alcohol license so people can have drinks outside."

She concluded: "Mum's been really helpful. She's still been in there a few days, chatting to the customers, which has been really helpful.

"She's still kind of around, which is nice."