'I still think I'm dreaming' - Leiston brewery wins at London competition

Uli Schiefelbein, Leiston's Krafty Braumeister, has won two awards for his beer

Uli Schiefelbein, Leiston's Krafty Braumeister, has won awards for his Blau & Weiss and Rut & Weiss beers - Credit: Krafty Braumeister

A Leiston brewery has won another set of national awards for its traditional German-style beer.

Two beers from the Krafty Braumeister received medals at the annual London Beer Competition, which is described as the "ultimate seal of approval within the global beer industry".

The brewery's wheat beer, Blau & Weiss, was awarded a silver medal and earned 89 points, only one shy of gold, while the Kölsch-style Rut & Weiss won a bronze medal, earning 73 points. 

A range of bottled beers by The Krafty Braumeister

A range of bottled beers by The Krafty Braumeister - Credit: Meurig Marshall Photography

Krafty's founder and head brewer Uli Schiefelbein said: “I still think I’m dreaming. Seven awards within 12 months for our handcrafted beers! A big thank you to our whole team.

"We receive a lot of wonderful feedback from our loyal customers too. It is enormously encouraging and, at Krafty, we are very excited to see where this will lead us to next.”

The London Beer Competition judges described Krafty's Blau & Weiss as having an "unexpected and delightful body with sweet honey and peachy aromas" adding that it had "notes of banana, flowers, orange, toasted malt, butterscotch and smoked cherries on the palate with good bitterness and a beautiful aftertaste."

The Rut & Weiss, which is a traditional white beer, based on those in Uli's hometown of Cologne, was described as having a "slightly hazy appearance with notes of cream and vanilla, balanced sweetness and bitterness on the palate with a sour finish and dry aftertaste."

The Krafty Braumeister, Uli Schiefelbein. Picture: KRAFTY BAUMEISTER

The Krafty Braumeister, Uli Schiefelbein selling his beers at market - Credit: Krafty Braumeister

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Focusing on handcrafting beers in small batches using traditional German methods, the Krafty Braumeister follows the Reinheitsgebot, the German brewing purity law, which means the only ingredients in any of the beers are malted grains, hops, yeast and water.

Selling six core beers, the Krafty Braumeister freshly grinds its malt grains on brewing day to ensure the full flavour ends up in the drink. In addition, everything the brewery produces has no added sugar or supplements  

Krafty Braumeister, a German brewery based in Leiston, has launched a new blonde lager called Krafty

The inner workings of the Krafty Brewery - Credit: Archant

The London Beer Competition was set up five years ago to recognise, reward and help promote beer brands created to identify and target a specific beer drinker. 

It singles out and spotlights beer brands that consumers really want, and that has a clear market to trade buyers, judging quality, brewing ability, packaging and value. 

Uli Schiefelbein, the Krafty Braumeister of Leiston picking wild hops

Uli picking wild hops - Credit: Krafty Braumeister