Get your Sunday roast baked into a Yorkshire pudding pie at this cafe 

Get your Yorkshire pudding pies at Quack Shack

Get your Yorkshire pudding pies at Quack Shack - Credit: James Riddler

An al fresco café in the heart of Sudbury has just added something pretty special to its menu. 

The Quack Shack at Duck in Boots (one of the town’s most popular gift stores) can now offer customers Yorkshire pudding pies – hot to eat on the hoof, or chilled and ready to cook at home.  

Yes. That’s right. Yorkshire pudding pies. Crispy batter (not pastry) formed into a pie shape and packed to the rafters with gourmet fillings. 

Duck in Boots director Sarah Underhay says: “At the Quack Shack we have a very similar concept to the gift shop. It’s about supporting little independent businesses. We’re bringing lots of brilliant things together to create an interesting menu.” 

Pie fillings include wagyu beef cheeseburger, sausage and red onion marmalade, wagyu steak, cheese, tomato and leek, Sunday roast and shepherd’s pie. 

“We’re also going to launch their special soon,” adds Sarah. “It’s got a full breakfast baked inside – bacon, egg, baked beans...the lot.” 

Everything at the Quack Shack is either locally sourced and made, or chosen from select small suppliers. The pies, for example are made in Yorkshire to guarantee authenticity. Milk is from a local dairy, cakes and sweet treats come from Humphries and So Fudging Good in Sudbury, there are bagels from Avi at Bagel or Beigel. And more. 

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It’s open from 10.30am to 3.30pm, Tuesday to Saturday with outdoor seating for 10 to 12. Pre-order your Yorkie pies by calling 01787 882891