Top TV chef visits east Suffolk butchers famed for its bacon

Mark Thomas of Emmett's Store in Peasenhall and Phillip Schofield's favourite Suffolk black bacon Pi

Mark Thomas of Emmett's Store in Peasenhall where television chef James Martin recently visited - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

TV chef James Martin has paid a visit to an east Suffolk butchers that was previously featured on his show Saturday Morning Kitchen. 

Mr Martin stopped off at Emmett's butchers in Peasenhall yesterday, Saturday, April 2, where he took the time to take pictures with staff. 

The TV chef was cooked Suffolk black streaky bacon from Emmett’s Store of Peasenhall for his Saturday Morning show on January 8. 

Martin had previously praised the Suffolk product in an earlier episode of his Saturday Morning Kitchen show.

Emmett's Store, a mainstay of The Street in the east Suffolk village, dates back to 1820 and is believed to be the oldest artisan ham and bacon producer in the UK.

It is not the only time the butchers has been featured on the small screen recently.

Emmett's received high praise from This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield who said the meat from the butchers is "unbelievably good".

Mark Thomas, owner of Emmett's said he had a surge in orders after Schofield praised the butchers on national television. 

Mr Thomas went on to explain to this newspaper how the store produced the bacon.

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He said: "The pork we use is from Blythburgh free range, and it's the best pork you can buy. We smoke it at our smokehouses and people say it is the best bacon they have ever had.

"We marinate it and smoke it for a certain period of time and it picks up so many flavours. The whole process is completely natural."