Newlyweds to reopen Sutton village pub with New Years Eve bash

Toni Negus and her family will be taking over the Sutton Plough

Toni Negus and her family will be taking over the Sutton Plough - Credit: Toni Negus/Timothy Bradford

A Suffolk village will be getting its pub back with a bang in 2022 as a new team take it over - and launch a new shop too. 

The Plough, in Sutton will be holding its grand reopening on New Year's Eve, featuring live rock band The Four Geezers

Toni Negus, the new landlady said: "We saw this pub come up at the right time. 

"We left our old pub because it was tied to a pub company and limited who we could buy from.

"The tenancy was due to be renewed on December 15, but we were a bit dubious, and then the Plough came up. 

"We went and had a look, and decided it seemed right for us."

The Plough in Sutton, near woodbridge, Suffolk will be holding its grand reopening on New Years Eve

The pub has struggled in the past - Credit: Timothy Bradford

The pub, which is about five miles from Woodbridge, has struggled over the last few years, but new landlady Toni isn't worried. 

She said: "There are plenty of chimney pots about, so we aren't too worried.

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"We've had lots of positive interest on Facebook, we're just gonna go in and give it our best shot.

"We're currently thinking it will be a 60% wet-led pub but we aren't sure. There's a good commercial kitchen, with plenty of potential to do food, so I'm going to be going in with an open mind."

Even the thought of a fourth lockdown doesn't scare her, she said: "We've decided to go with it, and what will be, will be. 

"I'm happy to do takeaways and stuff, to tide us over.

"We'll be doing a little village shop in the morning either way. Just selling the essentials, bread, milk, butter.

"If it is a goer, we'll put up a portable building or something in the car park."

The Plough in Sutton, Suffolk, has an extensive car park with a lot of room

The Plough has an extensive car park with a lot of room - Credit: Timothy Bradford

Toni will be taking on the pub with the help of her mother Clare, and new wife Becca. 

"We got married on December 11," she said proudly. "Me and Mum will be cooking at the start, but if we do well, we'll be looking at taking on some local staff.

"I'm aiming at mostly bringing in locals to start, but we'll see where we go from there.

"I love live music, and intend to put on jam sessions, open mics, and gigs."

The plough in Sutton has an extensive garden, including a children's play area 

The pub has an extensive garden, including a children's play area - Credit: Timothy Bradford

Speaking about the 4 Geezers, Toni said: "They're absolutely cracking".

"They'll play everything from Thin Lizzy to Iron Maiden and will do it for four hours straight.

"The lead guitarist, Harry, is 74!"

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