Gallery: Deben Players have the rhyme of their life at Woodbridge’s Seckford Theatre

The Deben Players are inviting you to spend Christmas with all your favourite nursery rhyme characters; although they might not be quite how you remember them.

Old King Cole’s not a merry old soul, Jack and Jill are married and Humpty Dumpty’s a girl for starters.

“It’s based on all the nursery rhyme characters but Simon [Dodwell, the writer] has given them a twist,” says Humpty Dumpty Unscrambled director Jan Whittaker.

“He’s desperate to be in it but he’s just had his second child...”

Audiences will also meet Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Lucy Locket, Margery Daw, baddie of the piece The Crooked Man, Old Mother Hubbard as the dame, so expect lots of crazy costume changes there and Little Boy Blue in the traditional family show.

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“When I envisaged it I saw it like a storybook on stage, so it’s a really bright, zingy, fast-paced pantomime. We’ve got the ghost scene, audience song, contemporary poppy sings, lots of participation... I think it will appeal on all levels.”

The 35-strong cast - aged six and up - have been having a ball since rehearsals began back in September.

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“It’s a really happy show, everybody’s had a lovely time. If you want to just have a ball and really just lose yourself in the colour, the sound, the general atmosphere, we’re making it a party from the minute you walk in the foyer. A couple of the performances are virtually full already.”

If you don’t want to come a cropper like Humpty, get yourself down to Woodbridge’s Seckford Theatre from December 22-January 1.

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