Gallery: Peter Pan on Ice, Wild Rose Russian Ice Stars, Ipswich Regent, until December 30

THE word spectacular is often overused; but in this case I would happily return to Neverland.

Moving away from the star-studded pantomimes of recent years may’ve been a risky move but it paid off.

An appreciative audience sat spellbound as this stunning adaptation of J.M Barrie’s famous story of the boy who never grew up transported us to mysterious lands filled with pirates, Indians and ticking crocodiles.

The clever choreography saw full use made of the extended stage and being so close to the action allowed you to savour every movement, no matter how subtle. Quite different from arena ice shows.

Using a giant storybook as an interactive backdrop, with different pages taking us different places, was ingenious.

The skating was breathtaking, with real heart in your mouth moments both on the ice and above. To say more about the latter may spoil it.

There were a few stumbles, with one spot of the rink as determined to get the skaters as the crocodile was to get Hook. It seemed to have it in for the wonderful Valdis Mintals, who played J.M Barrie.

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While the artists used their bodies to tell the tale, narration was added especially for the Ipswich run. Unnecessary for those familiar with the story, it helped younger audience members who aren’t or perhaps are used to more panto-style interaction feel involved.

It’s hard to single individuals out in such a strong cast, but Dmitri Naumkin as Peter Pan was clearly having the time of his life, embodying Pan’s boyish spirit. Katya Murugova was excellent as the jealous fairy Tinkerbell.

Truly spectacular.