Gallery: Students at Kesgrave High School turn into roving reporters for World Book Day

As part of World Book Day, pupils at Kesgrave High School took part in a media day , interviewing te

As part of World Book Day, pupils at Kesgrave High School took part in a media day , interviewing teachers and learning how to edit the footage. Sydney Brampton learning how to film. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

Students at Kesgrave High School have turned into roving reporters for the day to celebrate this year’s World Book Day.

The pupils were tasked with interviewing teachers, sixth formers and members of staff around the school on what their favourite books are and why, before editing the video interviews into a package for the school’s website later today.

English teacher Lauren Hunwicks said: “What we are trying to do is promote talking about reading, so that children don’t just read but talk about it, and pass on that love of reading to other people.

“We thought that interviewing teachers would be really good to get that adult influence.”

The school hopes that across the three classes taking part more than 100 teachers members of staff will have been interviewed for the project.

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Miss Hunwicks added: “In previous years we did things like dressing up as book characters, but this year we wanted it to be more interactive.”

In the afternoon, 30 students from KHS will be involved in reading classes with year six students at Cedarwood Primary School, who will be moving up to KHS in September.

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Miss Hunwicks added: “It’s just all about trying top get that idea across that you can share books with other people.”

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