Gallery: Warpaint’s sonic dreamscapes enchant the Obelisk Arena at Latitude 2015

Warpaint on the Obelisk Stage at Latitude 2015 - Paul Bayfield

Warpaint on the Obelisk Stage at Latitude 2015 - Paul Bayfield

Dreamy quartet Warpaint were the perfect act to hit the main stage on the closing hours of Latitude.

The ethereal noise of the Los Angeles all-female band coupled with the Sunday evening sunshine still beaming strong over Henham Park reflected the peaceful feel of the entire festival.

Opening with Bees from the debut album, the sound of singer-guitarists Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman chimed delicately into your ears over the top of an edgy synth/string beat.

The women commanded the stage with a subtle confidence, not giving too much to the crowd – they let the music do the talking.

Half-through the set, Kokal announced: “This is the melting portion of our set” – as if we hadn’t melted enough.

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They went on to play their most minimal tracks, with the delicate vocals sometimes inaudible over the pervaded guitar and bass.

The final two songs – Disco//Very – Keep It Healthy and Krimson – stood as “disco party” section of the show and had the audience in a sleepy sway as the sun started to settle over the Obelisk Arena.

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