Game of the week: Crysis 2

EPIC first person shooter sequel Crysis 2 is the best of the games out to buy this week.

Game: Crysis 2

Platform: PS3

Genre: First Person Shooter

Price: �49.99

A jaw-droppingly beautiful first-person shooter that arguably improves on an already impressive original.

Alien invasions, cataclysmic viral outbreaks and one incredible customisable nanosuit all combine to make this one of the best games in the genre.

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Whether you want to go out all guns blazing, play the stealth game or tactically use the environment and items around you, the gameplay choice on offer is superb and fulfilling.

Add in an excellent multiplayer mode and you have a stunning package, which plays as nicely as it looks - all too often a rarity in gaming.

Rating: 89%