Game of the week: Dead Space 2

The pick of the games out this week is survival horror Dead Space 2 - be prepared to be scared!

Game of the week: Dead Space 2

Platform: PS3

Genre: Survival Horror

Price: �49.99

The dark, haunting survival horror genre has a host of titles that have illuminated this creepy corner of console gaming, from Resident Evil to Silent Hill.

Dead Space shook-up the scene three years ago with a spine-tingling space adventure, and now the sequel brings the inner turmoil of lead character Isaac back to the fore, with a supreme execution of intergalactic thrills and spills.

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The single-player mode boasts 10 hours or more of incredibly rewarding action combat and exploration - sprinkled with some of the most shocking moments you’re likely to have experienced in gaming.

These are further enhanced by the unbelievable audio, which perfectly pitches every creak and moan to ensure maximum fright factor.

Sadly, the multiplayer mode is not as impressive, but by the time you’ve tackled the main mission a couple of times, you won’t really worry about that.

Score: 90%