Game of the week: Homefront

STUNNINGLY realistic first person shooter Homefront is this week’s must-have video game.

Title: Homefront

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: First Person Shooter

Price: �49.99

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WHILE other games in the FPS genre are often set in space or some far away planet, Homefront keeps things real by throwing you into a near-future conflict between the Greater Korean Republic and the USA.

You do battle for the American resistance, and will quickly find yourself totally engrossed in an emotional and expertly delivered narrative, backed up by stunning graphics and tidy controls. Indeed, the game stands out from its peers because of the level of realism, the cracking storyline and the incredible set pieces you’ll encounter as you progress.

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Bundle in a staggering 32-person multiplayer mode and this game has more than enough to keep you happy on the homefront for weeks on end.

Score: 91%

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