Game of the week: inFamous 2

SUPER-powered Cole McGrath returns in inFamous2, our pick of the games out to buy this week.

Game: inFamous 2

Platform: PS3

Genre: Action

Price: �49.99

Cole MacGrath makes a dramatic journey to the historic Southern city of New Marias in an effort to discover his full super-powered potential - and face a civilisation-ending confrontation with a dark and terrifying enemy from his own future.

Luckily, our Cole has some pretty impressive skills - and you get to unleash them on foes throughout the game, upgrading them and powering up along the way.

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This sequel is narrowly the superior of the first in the series, boasting new graphics and combat system and a multiplayer mission create system which will keep you gripped long after you’ve completed Cole’s single-player mission.

Score: 91%