Game of the week: Nail’d

HIGH octane trick-packed racing thriller Nail’d is the game you should be buying this week.

Title: Nail’d

Platform: PS3

Genre: Racing

Price: �34.99

Intense ATV action is now well-established as a sub-genre within the racing game world, and Nail’d pushes the envelope further than ever before.

The game offers the kind of tracks that wouldn’t be out of place in a theme park, packed with crazy twists, turns, altitude climbs, jumps and other japes.

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The tournament mode offers the closest experience to a traditional ‘career’ mode, as you hop from track to track geographically from Arizona to the Andes and everything in between.

The amazing jumps present the most jaw-dropping in-race moments, but what really propels Nail’d to the top of the tree is the sheer sense of speed.

Many games have tried and failed when it comes to this core ingredient of a good racer, but Nail’d has finally got it nailed.

Score: 91%