Get ready to party down with the girls

SHE’S been labelled the posh one, but Mollie is as down to earth as they come - we’ve been chatting for ages before I find out she’s interrupted her birthday celebrations to talk to me.

“I’m going out for dinner tonight with my boyfriend, then tomorrow I’m having a big party with all the girls, I’m going to watch Miley Cyrus at G.A.Y so it’ll be a really nice, intimate venue,” reveals the just turned 23-year-old.

So, what do you get a pop star for her birthday?

“Fans have made me a book, actually, with all photos in from the start of my career and pictures of me with them. Somebody else made me a DVD the other day and they’d put all my video clips on there; I think they’re favourite parts of things that I’ve said and things that I’ve done so, yeah, they’re really thoughtful.”

The Saturdays – Mollie, Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White, Rochelle Wiseman and Una Healy – formed in London in 2007 and made their recording debut the following year.

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They scored four top ten singles from their debut album, Chasing Lights, and another two from the follow-up, Wordshaker.

“Yes, completely, oh God, in every way possible it’s just so much fun,” she chirps when I ask if they’re living the dream.

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It’s clear why Frankie calls her Miss Disney; she’s one of the sunniest, upbeat people you’ll ever talk to.

“She started calling me it because I’m quite a dreamer. I always think everything should be like a fairytale and I just sort of wait for the prince to whisk me off my feet and all that sort of thing, so I kind of live in this little fantasy land,” she laughs.

So, since we’re sharing, does she want to reveal any other nicknames among the group?

“Nobody else really has any, it’s just me,” she giggles.

It’s clear the quintet are great mates, dispelling the belief that all girl groups are just one cat fight away from splitting.

“It’s so nice to have each other there to go through everything with, it’s just like a group of really good friends living the dream together you know. It’s literally the best having the girls around all the time.”

It’s just as well. The Sats – as they’ve become widely known due to Mollie’s self confessed habit for abbreviating everything – are really busy right now.

She’s just come back from watching the video to Missing You, the first single off third album Headliners, with the rest of the girls.

“We’ve just watched it back now for the first time. It’s amazing; we love it so that’s all really good and the single is out in August.”

They were also rehearsing for appearances at the Isle of Wight and Isle of Man festivals.

“Everything’s moving so fast, I can’t believe we’re on our third album already, it’s like everything we’ve ever dreamed of,” admits Mollie.

She wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Oh God, definitely not, no I love being busy; I hate getting bored and things, it’s so good to be busy.”

There are many highlights of being a pop star; opening Comic Relief last year with their cover of I Just Can’t Get Enough being one of them.

“I remember thinking ‘oh my God, the Spice Girls did this and now here we are; I can’t believe it’.”

Then there’s the group’s growing celebrity fanbase.

Hot UK rapper Chipmunk – who was at the Ipswich Regent last month – coolly name-checked them in his smash hit Oopsy Daisy.

“I know,” gushes Mollie, “Go Chipmunk! He came to a gig in Hammersmith.”

Lily Allen was spotted at the side of the stage, jumping up and down to their set at T in the Park, telling them afterwards “you were the only act I could be bothered to see”.

Performing all around the world also allows Mollie and co to immerse themselves in other places and cultures but she does get homesick.

“I’ve had my mum over this morning already and then I’ll be seeing my family later and this weekend.

“You really do cherish the time you get to spend with them and friends, it just makes you really grateful for every minute you have.”

Knowing how fickle the music industry is, Mollie tries to keep a diary.

“You know, my mum said I should keep one because I don’t want to forget one second of this. Being in a pop band won’t last forever and I want to remember every single thing we do.

“We’re so busy now it’s really hard to actually sit down and write it, but I do make notes every now and then about something that goes on.

“I take lots of photos, the girls are like ‘oh God, the camera’s out again’ and I like to film videos as well.”

They may be riding on the crest of a wave right now, but Mollie says they’re all really critical of themselves.

“You always are, aren’t you? I haven’t really got used to it; I still get quite excited if I see our video on the TV or anything like that. I just try to play it cool, but inside I’m still really excited, you know,” she laughs.

It must be strange if they’re in a club and one of their tracks comes on?

“A little bit, yeah. It’s funny because you don’t know whether to get up and dance or if you should just sit down really. But when we all go out together we all dance the night away so, yeah, it’s good.”

Speaking of dancing the night away, the group can’t wait for the outdoor gig at Thetford Forest, near Brandon, tonight.

While the photoshoots and stuff are great, they love nothing more than singing and dancing.

“Gigging is the best thing and, you know, when you’re on tour you get to do it every night and see different places and meet lots of fans - that’s just the best thing for us.”

So, any surprises up their sleeves?

“Um, well, they’ll be some songs that we’ve never performed before except for on this tour so that should be really exciting; we’re going to be performing a song acoustically as well and,” she teases, “we might be doing a cover but I can’t tell you about that.”

All she’ll say for certain is The Saturdays are going to be around for a long time yet.

Forestry Commission Live Music aims to introduce music fans to a woodland environment and many come back to enjoy the beautiful surroundings for healthy and fun outdoor recreation including walking, mountain biking and watching wildlife.

Katie Melu will be performing in the forest tomorrow.

With nearly nine million combined sales generated from her first three albums - Call Off The Search, Piece By Piece and Pictures - it’s no wonder she is currently Europe’s biggest selling female solo artist.

Having spent last year writing songs for her new studio album, called The House, including teaming up with song-writing partners Guy Chambers and Rick Nowels among others, she’s been busy in the studio finishing the record with producer William Orbit.

Orbit has been running a commentary of the studio sessions on social networking sites, stating “this is shaping up to be one of the finest things I’ve ever been involved with. I am hearing what can only be described as magic”.

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