Ipswich bound Proclaimers expect you to sing along

Craig and Charlie Reid of The Proclaimers, played Ipswich tongiht. Photo: Murdo Macleod

Craig and Charlie Reid of The Proclaimers, played Ipswich tongiht. Photo: Murdo Macleod - Credit: Murdo MacLeod

Fresh off the back of the success of tenth studio album Let’s Hear It For The Dogs, The Proclaimers have hit the road for a mammoth UK tour including stops in Ipswich, Cambridge and King’s Lynn over the next few days.

“The writing process has been pretty similar for years. We both try to come up with ideas, then we rehearse songs for months til the song feels comfortable,” says Charlie Reid when I ask if he and twin brother Craig have changed the way they work over the years.

The duo have enjoyed huge success, including gold and platinum singles and albums, across the globe with the emotional honesty, political fire, wit and sing-along raucousness of their songs. Carving out a niche for themselves in the netherworld where pop, folk, new wave and punk collide; he says categories don’t bother them at all.

“We play simple, three-minute songs. We’ve been influenced by loads of different performers and musical styles but its important, for us, to express ourselves honestly. I don’t think that music creates social change. It can reflect change that is already happening. Sometimes, flying under the radar of media or politicians. People can definitely express unity through songs.”

I have to ask about the success of cracking musical drama Sunshine On Leith - written by Stephen Greenhorn and directed by Dexter Fletcher - which featured their songs. Earning more than £4.8million at the UK box office, it was number five in the highest grossing Independent UK films of 2013.

“Our only involvement was in giving our permission for the songs to be used. All credit for the musical must go to the writer, Steven Greenhorn and all the actors who made it work,” says Charlie.

The Proclaimers play the Ipswich Regent November 1, Cambridge Corn Exchange November 4 and King’s Lynn Corn Exchange November 6. What can fans expect?

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“A strong performance, a mixture of old songs and a rotation of new material. We like people to sing along.”

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