Ipswich-bound Vampires Rock show will get blood pumping

Guaranteed to get the blood pumping, entertainment writer WAYNE SAVAGE talks to Baron Von Rockula himself about musical comedy Vampires Rock, hanging up his fangs and the debt he owes to Mick Jagger.

SLEEP all day, party all night, never grow old, never die; it’s fun to be a vampire - especially at the Live and Let Die club.

It’s 2030’s New York and the undead are livelier than ever.

Wannabe singer Pandora is auditioning for the resident vocalist position; but the only job going is the eternal bride of evil Baron Von Rockula, played by Steve Steinman.

With a hint of tongue in jugular, sorry, in cheek humour a full cast of singers and dancers blast through some of the greatest classic rock anthems from the likes of Queen and AC/DC to Guns n Roses and Joan Jett to name a few. Never mind an amazing stage set and pyrotechnics sure to blow your mind.

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The show makes its usual Halloween trip to the Ipswich Regent on October 31.

“It’s always a cracking night. Coming to the Regent at Halloween is kind of like coming home. People definitely really go to town, which is great,” says Steve.

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Having visited Ipswich seven out of the nine years they’ve been touring the world, Steve swaps the songs to help keep things fresh.

“There are some new tracks in there this time, but I’m not giving them away,” he laughs.

“We’re always tweaking the show as we’re going along; we’ve got the girls doing a little bit more with the pyrotechnics, lights and stuff this year and that’s growing into silks and flying. Band members change and somebody will come who’ll bring something new to the table.”

Steve had the idea for Vampires Rock a few years back while part of a Meatloaf tribute show.

While successful for many years he was singing the same old songs and wondered how he could do a show featuring classic rock songs from different artists. Cue Mick Jagger.

“The idea of vampires came up because of all the old rock stars, Jagger and so forth. They’re all like old vampires who seem to have been around forever and keep going.

“I started scribbling away on paper; you could all be living in a nightclub and then the people who are coming in there are getting killed. It just kind of all fitted.” While real vampires get to sleep all day and party all night, Steve spends his daylight hours as quite a boring businessman. His words, not mine.

He’s sat at his desk every day when not on tour, selling, producing, promoting and booking shows with the rest of his Rockman Music team.

“Basically I’m running a company and then I get to go and put my fangs on and run around on stage,” he laughs.

“It’s good fun, a great character; because it’s my show I give myself a little bit of licence to go off and be a bit daft sometimes. If anybody else did it they’d probably be getting in trouble, but it’s good being the boss I suppose,” he laughs.

He may be dead, but is he still loving it or does he think he’s getting a little to long in the tooth to play a vampire?

“Not yet; it’s going to come, isn’t it? At the back of my mind I’m looking for someone to take my role.”

Perhaps if things work out with his new bride he can turn it into a family business, Baron Von Rockular Junior?

“Yeah, son of the Baron, then I can slowly back down and have some holiday time,” he laughs.

Transylvania here he comes.

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